Makeup Remover Ad Cancelled After Uproar Over 'Victim-Blaming' Rape Survivors

Published January 12th, 2021 - 10:25 GMT
Makeup Remover Ad Pulled After Uproar Over 'Victim-Blaming' Rape Survivors
The outrage caused the ad pushed Purcotton to pull it and post an apology online. (Twitter)

A makeup remover advertisement had been pulled off the screens after triggering a wave of backlash over what viewers described as "blaming victims" of rape, sparking a nationwide conversation over how Chinese media handles rape topics.

In the short ad, a young woman is seen walking down the street before noticing a masked man approaching her, which urges her to use one of Purcotton wipes to remove her make up as he gets closer. The attacker would then walk away after seeing her without her makeup, in a message that the company's wipes "protect women from rape."

Consequently, viewers of the ad took to social media protesting the content of the ad, saying that its message is not only insensitive to rape survivors as it implies that "their looks drew rapists' interests," but also suggests that "women are only attractive when they wear makeup."

The outrage caused by the ad pushed Purcotton to cancel it and post an apology online, but it didn't end the conversation over what internet users termed as "rape culture in China" and how rape survivors are shamed despite being the victims.

Last week, another controversy was stirred when the Chinese Embassy in the US claimed that local authorities detaining thousands of Uyghur women in what the Chinese government calls "re-education camps" have successfully "emancipated the brains of Uyghur women" so they are "no longer baby-making machines."

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