Mariam Ashur, Missing Gazan Girl, Releases a Video Telling Her Story

Published June 1st, 2021 - 11:20 GMT
The Palestinian girl is believed to face abuse and violence by her family.
Mariam Ashour, a Palestinian young girl, released a video after returning to her family's house. (Twitter)
Social media users wondered after missing Palestinian girl was found; will her family abuse disappears too!?

By Sally Shakkour

Mariam Ashour, a Palestinian young girl living in Gaza who disappeared for three days, was found yesterday in one of the women’s care centers.

The 21-Palestinian girl believed to have run away from her family’s house due to continues abuse and violence. According to media sources, Mariam was found in a care center called “Hayat Center,” but was sent back to her family’s home later.

Women activists on social media were angered by the decision to send the Palestinian girl back home after news about abuse and violence were reported. Several hashtags came out since Mariam’s disappearance such as #WhereisMariam #JusticeforMariam #Mariam Ashour.

However, Mariam later on shared a video describing how surprised she was to find this huge media hype on her disappearance. In the video Mariam said: “I had to go out on Thursday due to circumstances and went to Hayat care center for safety measures.”

Mariam also added in the clip that the center is the perfect place for any girl going through any rough time as she was trying to solve her issue in a civil, legal manner. The Gazan girl denounced the huge campaign on social media and accused people of using her name to share their false theories. She said people went deep into sharing her posts and photos without her permission.

Ashour has also asked people who posted about her story or shared one of her old posts, in which she complained about being a victim of family abuse, to delete them. She also praised her mother and father as two of the best in the world.

Furthermore, Mariam thanked all the people who shared positive thoughts about her and assured those worried about her that she is now fine and has received her rights through the law.

At the end of the video, Mariam said that she was not pressured to make this video, but she had to so that people can see she is fine and she is not jailed or abused by her family. However, she was going through a hard time and soon she will go back to college.

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