'Mia Khalifa for Presidency'! Lebanese Debate Possible Candidates

Published August 24th, 2022 - 11:47 GMT
possible candidates
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As the Lebanese presidential elections are just around the corner; people have started to debate possible candidates for the upcoming polls that are scheduled to take place on October 31st.

A Reddit discussion has caught the attention of the Lebanese people who started to debate 'ironically' who is the best candidate to represent the country in the upcoming years as the current president Michel Aoun's term as a president is about to expire.


The discussion began with two questions the first was "Who you want to see as Lebanon's next president?" and followed by another question, 'why do you think they would be suited for the role?', which requires people to support their answer with strong evidence to show that their possible candidate is the best to become the next Lebanese president.

Despite that the question was shared in a serious way, most of people's answers were accompanied with sense of humor; some of the suggested possible candidates for the upcoming Lebanese elections were shared with the aim to make fun of the question.

possible candidates

Here are a list of possible candidates for the upcoming Lebanese presidential elections as suggested by Reddit users: 

  1. Mia Khalifa - Former pornhub star 
  2. Jad Shwairy - Pop singer, songwriter, producer and music video director
  3. Ziad Baroud - Former Minister of Interior and Municipalities
  4. Jihad Azour - Former Minister of Finance 
  5. Bachir Gemayel - Lebanese militia commander, he was assassinated in 1982

About Lebanese presidential election: 

According to the Lebanese National Pact, the presidency is always held by a Maronite Christian. Under article 49 of the Lebanese Constitution, a qualified majority of two-thirds of the members of the Lebanese Parliament is required to elect the president in the first round.

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