A Moroccan Woman Kissed Ivanka Trump's Hand: Respectful or Humiliating?

Published November 11th, 2019 - 06:58 GMT
Ivanka Trump during her visit to Morocco
Ivanka Trump during her visit to Morocco

It's Ivanka Trump's turn in the spotlight following a visit to Morocco where she was promoting women's economic empowerment in her capacity as a White House adviser.

But it wasn't all smooth sailing. A viral video showing a Moroccan woman kissing the hand of US President Donald Trump's daughter has caused quite the controversy.

Kissing a guest's hand is sometimes considered a welcome gesture according to Moroccan culture, but some considered it humiliating. 

Translation: “A photo that sparked a massive controversy. A simple villager kissed Ivanka Trump's hand when she visited Morocco. It is not Ivanka’s fault, nor the humble woman who probably did not know any better. The blame is on those who have planted oppression and inferiority in our society, and taught us to always be always be submissive.”

It is sometimes customary for a person to withdraw their hands before they can be kissed to demonstrate humility but in the video Ivanka did not appear to be aware of this.

However, the Moroccan woman said she did not feel like kissing Ivanka’s hand was shameful or humiliating, but rather an expression of respect.

She stated that she and the other women with her were honored to welcome Ivanka who announced the establishment of a women's association for cattle breeding, helping to promote economic empowerment of women in North Africa. 

"I was very happy to meet these powerful women who could own the land," Ivanka shared on her Twitter account.

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