'My Mom Signed My Marriage Contract': Saudi Teen Forced to Marry 40-Year-Old Calls for Help

Published February 4th, 2020 - 07:34 GMT
'My Mom Signed My Marriage Contract': Saudi Teen Forced to Marry 40-Year-Old Calls for Help
Twitter users called on their government to criminalize domestic abuse. (Shutterstock)

A 19-year-old Saudi woman's marriage to a 40-year-old went viral on social media, after she called for help following her family's decision to marry her off to an older divorced man with three kids almost her age.

She explained that her mother assumed her identity and appeared in civil court two weeks prior pretending to be her, and signed the paperwork on her behalf.

Translation: "A forced marriage case that took place two weeks ago has been reported. The father and the brothers have been arrested by the police in Tabouk city. They have been released after signing an undertaking. The girl has later reported facing violence again because of her complaint. We've reported this and we're contacting a local domestic violence organization.

The teen bride also added that her rejection of the marriage proposal wasn't taken well by her family members, who threatened her with torture and forced her to marry the older man anyway. 

People online have been using the hashtag #فتاة_أجبرت_على_مسن (A girl forced to marry an elderly man) to express their outrage over what they described as a crime, urging official authorities to take immediate action and to ensure the woman's safety.

Translation: "The police should send a patrol with specialists to take her to the hospital to assess the violence she's gone through and prosecute her family members and the court representative who arranged the marriage contract. They should annul the marriage and grant her safe housing and monthly payment."

Translation: "Forced marriage. The mother signs on behalf of her daughter. Marriage of a minor. Threatening the girl if she separates from the older man. What kind of humans are you?!"

Twitter users also called on their government to criminalize domestic abuse, and to stop the exploitation of missing persons reports that families sometimes file when their daughters run away after being abused at home.

Translation: "Domestic violence should be criminalized. Also, stop family reports on missing daughters. These have been our demands forever. Do we need someone in power to make these demands? You never take action unless you're harmed!"

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