Mysterious streaks of light glide in US sky

Published March 20th, 2023 - 07:39 GMT
Mysterious streaks of light glide in US sky
Mysterious strange lights appeared slowly spreading across the sky in California

ALBAWABA - A mysterious strange light glowed as it glided across the sky over California, sending some people to the street to gaze at the rare event.

One of the videos posted on social media platforms said some people believed that the lights were small asteroids. The streaks of light appeared at 9:30 pm California time and continued for about 45 seconds, according to witnesses.

Another clip showed clearer images of the luminous objects, while the photographer stood in amazement, shouting in disbelief at what he saw.

The 40-second video was shot by Jaime Hernandez, who was at the King Cong Brewing Company in Sacramento, California for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration, according to news reports.

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