Neighbors Capture Video of Painful Screams From Domestically Abused Woman in Saudi Begging for Help

Published November 26th, 2019 - 06:48 GMT

A video of a woman's screams begging for help from neighbors to stop her husband from beating her went viral in Saudi Arabia. The incident is reportedly under investigation after activists demanded authorities to take action and rescue the woman. 

Translation: “Hashtag #معنفه_الطايف (Taif Abused Woman) went viral after the circulation of a video of a woman being violently abused by her husband, who has been allegedly beating her every week according to her neighbors. Activists are demanding his arrest and an investigation of the case.”

In the video, the screams of the woman from a residential building in Saudi Arabia's Taif can be heard. 

She does not appear in the video but her cries and screams seem to paint a picture of the severity of the beating. 

Activists on Twitter said that the woman is constantly subjected to domestic abuse by her husband and demanding the authorities to intervene to save her from the violence she faces. 

Translation: “He’s a teacher who is also a drug addict. He’s been abusing his wife for a while now, and authorities are investigating the case in order to arrest him.” 

According to local news, the woman who has been allegedly subjected to continuous domestic violence holds a Pakistani nationality, and authorities are conducting the necessary investigations to solve the case.

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