New Abrahamic Religion or Abraham Accords Extended?

Published September 20th, 2021 - 11:08 GMT
Is the new coming religion really related to the Abraham Accords?
(Al-Bawaba News)
An Egyptian former general linked the Abraham Accords to a new coming Abrahamic religion.

A new conspiracy theory is getting much attention in the region claiming that a new religion will likely appear in the Middle East. According to sources, the new coming religion will be called the Abrahamic religion.

The Abrahamic religion is set to combine the three-monotheistic religions- Christianity, Islam and Judaism- the name of the alleged coming religion is taken from ancient date even before the birth of Jesus; the lineage of Prophet "Ibrahim, the father of the prophets." from which all other religions were taken.

However, an Egyptian former state security investigation warned that the coming Abrahamic religion which is alleged to unify all the religions in the Middle East is an evil plan made by the US and Israel.

He also connected the name of the new religion to the “Abraham Accords” signed between Israel and four Arab countries- UAE, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco- which is an agreement to normalize relations with Israel. The deal was signed in the White House during Trump's administration on September 15, 2020.

The Egyptian official revealed to RT Arabic that the Abrahamic religion is a new schema that is ‘not less dangerous’ than Henry Campbell's document of 1907, which resulted in the forming of the Zionist state; saying that the new religion might be a follow up plan to the ancient Campbell's document to force people to acquiesce and normalize relations with Israel.

Egyptian General Khairat Shukri continued; the Abrahamic religion which is being cooked in the American kitchen almost ready. The Abrahamic religion, according to the allegation, will come to solve all ‘the Middle Eastern crises.’

Moreover, social media users also slammed possible ideas of the Abrahamic religion as some stated that it is more of an evil plan to benefit Israel and the US as well as to force more Arab countries to normalize relations with the occupation. 

A person has linked the Abrahamic religion to an under construction temple in Abu Dhabi, UAE which will be ready by 2022, claiming it will be the first place for the new coming religion worshippers to pray in. while another user has linked the new Abrahamic religion with devil worshipping claiming that it is already found among the Freemasons' beliefs.

Religious men have also strongly condemned the idea of the new Abrahamic religion blasting it as the Antichrist religion and called on people to stick to their faith and not be tricked into such ‘fake’ propagandas.

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