New Chinese Immigration Laws Trigger Waves of Racist Backlash

Published April 6th, 2020 - 08:27 GMT
New Chinese Immigration Laws Trigger Waves of Racist Backlash
China has over 52 different ethnic groups. (Twitter)

For the last few months, Chinese authorities have been drafting a new immigration law that could loosen residency restrictions for some foreigners in the country, sparking a wave of online backlash.

As soon as details of the new law were released to the public, many Chinese social media users have expressed their opposition to allowing more non-citizens to reside in the country permanently, saying that "China has never been a country for immigrants and should never be one."

Some online commentators went on to say that "nationals of other countries have always caused trouble in the country," and that their attitudes are the main reason Chinese people don't want them to live in China.

Similar comments argued that being against immigrants "has nothing to do with racial discrimination, but about national opinion".

Such comments sparked a lot of debate among people from other parts of the world, who questioned the Chinese stance especially with rising numbers of Chinese immigrants in western countries.

Some also pointed out the racial diversity within China; to stress that the country has already been, for centuries, welcoming people from different backgrounds.

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