'No Christmas in Gaza' :Hamas Govt Under Fire After Leaked Official Document Pledged to Ban Celebrations

Published December 20th, 2020 - 07:17 GMT
'No Christmas in Gaza' :Hamas Govt Under Fire After Leaked Official Document Pledged to Ban Celebrations
Palestinians attacked the decision saying all Palestinians should be able to celebrate the Nazareth-son Jesus. (Twitter: @palevant)

As Christmas trees were being lit up around the Gaza strip, an official document issued by the Hamas-controlled Gaza government's ministry of religious affairs drew strong anger amongst social media commentators, for sending recommendations to a number of officials hoping to "limit" Christmas celebrations in Gaza.

Translation: "A document issued by Hamas' ministry of religious affairs yesterday over banning Christmas celebrations. It's totally absurd and aims to harm the social cohesion amongst Muslim and Christian Palestinians. It's a huge failure, which Hamas should apologize to our fellow Christians for."

According to the document issued on the 15th of December, several officials have been offered a number of different recommendations that aim to "limit" Christmas celebrations in the Gaza Strip. 

Following the online controversy, the Gaza government issued a clarification saying the document "is issued annually and only targets celebrations by the Muslim population," which didn't help in calming the public outrage.


Social media users rejected government clarification, saying that no government should control individuals' choices, adding that celebrating the Nazareth-son Jesus should be allowed for everyone, including Muslims for whom he is a holy figure too.

يا خسارة إحنا أولى ناس نحتفل في عيد الميلاد المجيد، المسيح فلسطيني ليش ما نحتفل بإبنا؟ ليش هيك؟

Posted by Fidaa Abuhamdiya on Saturday, December 19, 2020

Translation: "How sad! Of all people, we are the ones who should celebrate the Palestinian Jesus. Why can't we celebrate our own son?"

Others expressed disappointment over the divisive language in the document, saying that most Palestinians are used to celebrating the holiday season regardless of their religion.

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