No Kidding; A Chicken Was Behind Border Tensions Between Lebanon and Israel

Published December 16th, 2020 - 07:10 GMT
No Kidding; A Chicken Was Behind Border Tensions Between Lebanon and Israel
9-year old Hussien ran after his new chicken not realizing he has crossed the borders. (Twitter: @DreamNumberNine)

Five warning shots were fired yesterday from Inside Israel towards the Lebanese village of Meiss El Jabal right across the border, as soldiers seemingly feared infiltration of foreign individuals, especially after a history of military clashes between Israel and Hezbollah. However, it turned out that the infiltrator was no more than a 9-year old kid chasing after his runaway chickens.

Feared he would lose the two chickens his father had gifted him the day before, Hussien didn't hesitate to run after his new pets even as one crossed the border into Israel, urging the Israeli border security to monitor the situation closely before sending five warning shots towards the Lebanese village. 

Interviewed by local media, Hussien said the shots fired at his village didn't stop him from chasing the chicken. Eventually, he successfully restored one of them while the other remained on the other part of the border.

Commenting on the story, Lebanese social media users launched the hashtag "#بدي_دجاجتي: I want my chicken," echoing the kid's words and demanding that Israel returns his other chicken.

Translation: "A trending hashtag in Lebanon after the occupation army arrested Hussien's chicken after in infiltrated the borders. The photo is of the jailed chicken's sister."

Hussien's village near Marjeyoun is one of more than 125 Lebanese villages that were under Israeli military occupation since1982, before being "liberated" in May 2000. The Israeli army still controls the Lebanese Shebaa Farms.

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