Afghan Girls Are Still Going to Schools, but No Coed Institutions Anymore

Published August 31st, 2021 - 08:24 GMT
Afghan students
Students arrive to attend their morning classes at a government middle school in Kabul on August 30, 2021. (AAMIR QURESHI/AFP)

Taking control over most of Afghanistan, including the capital city of Kabul, the Taliban has so far delivered on its promise not to prevent females from receiving an education. This is a far cry from banning female education in the 1990s. This time around however, the Talibans have for sure made few adjustments.

Several days after 15 August 2021, when the Taliban entered Kabul, female Afghan students headed to their schools and universities, despite fears the group now in charge of the country might demand an end to girls' education.

Most fear of the Taliban's decision to ban young girls and women from going to schools and universities are based on the fact the group imposed similar rules during its first round in power in 1996. However, the group's return comes at a time during when their spokesmen is reassuring the Afghan nation and the international community that the Taliban have learned lessons from the past and they are going to "allow everyone to get an  education".

Local media sources have been reporting regular attendance of both male and female students in Afghanistan's schools and universities so far. Yet, schools have been ordered to stop mixing genders on all levels and female students of different ages have been showing up with headscarves on.

This change is stirring many questions by online people who express their worry that such regulations may indirectly result in a change in the educational turnout of female students, especially on higher university levels where there is not always enough women to open up  separate classes for them. So we have to wait and see!

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