Oil Galore. Why is The Dead Sea Turning Black After Red? A Social Media Craze

Published September 29th, 2021 - 10:00 GMT
What color is the Dead Sea
Is the Dead Sea red or turning black? (twitter)

ALBAWABA – Welcome to Jordan’s Dead Sea. It has been making much local and social media headlines for the last three weeks for very good reasons!

Is Jordan striking it rich? Is there oil on the way and plenty of it? A chance would be a fine thing! Nothing of the sort unfortunately, so many of you could get back to laboring on the drawing board. The smell is terrible!

The dribbling black water now found in the Dead Sea is nothing more than mud we are told. Yes, it’s not oil as many thought at first but pure mud that could have come for anywhere, fissures from the rocks or even from the bottom of the earth that is coming up to the surface.

Jordanian geologists are almost 100 percent sure it’s not oil. Bad luck people could be heard telling themselves! The “mud”, thus its blackness, is being tested by the laboratories of the Ministry of Water and Irrigation to see exactly what is happening.

The earthly phenomena started about three weeks ago when a pool next to the Dead Sea suddenly turned red, or reddish-pink with the consequent apocalyptic visions on the media about Sodom and Gomorrah and the end of the world.

But hold on before your mind starts wondering to faraway places, the Water Minister saved us. No it wasn’t blood, or deadly or anything of the sort. Their labs precisely showed that the red or pink water was a mixture of chemical reactions of iron, manganese, copper and zinc.

Thank God for that many could be heard saying, we are going to live on this earth! Further our intrepid scientists suggest that the recent black color is the result of organic substances within the earth, not petroleum. And it was not only the Ministry of Water that did all the work.

Soon a team from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources was sent to the area to check what all the fuss was all about. After much testing they said no it isn’t crude oil. Which is a great pity, but there you go!

The Arabic and English social media have been going crazy as a result. But rather than debate the issue, or the changing colors – red is a magnificent feat – in a logical “geological” manner most have been having a bit of fun with the issue and the whole Dead Sea case.

One by the name of Dr Khaled Al Azam says: “Oil leaks to the Dead Sea from its nearby valley but the problem is it is determined to get out but the Jordan government is also determined in saying the oil is not there.”

Just on the latest “mud/oil” there was real-time conversation that begins like this and in translated form: “Whoever knows geography please tell me, where’s my good luck?” Reply: “In the Dead Sea” Another asks: “Where’s the field in the Dead Sea?” Reply: “In the Pacific”.

Idol, talk, chatter and a bit of fun really. A final comment: I laughed a lot about the black waters in the Dead Sea and the non-specialist comments it being oil: Ok, take a match and a lighter and you will soon find out the truth…In any case if the oil surfaces on earth it comes very hot, over 100 percent as shown in the video.”


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