Pakistani Teenager Leaves Home to Join the Taliban ‘So She Can Attack Israel'

Published September 15th, 2021 - 06:32 GMT
woman during the Taliban era
The 12-years old Pakistani girl lives with her family in Kuwait. (Shutterstock: Hussain Warraich)

Only one month after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, the group's military success seems to be attracting young people from all over the world, especially ones who share the same ideological beliefs as the group.

Translation: "A Pakistani after leaving her house in Khaitan: I'll join the Taliban and attack Israel. Security and intelligence are going after her following her father 's reporting her absence from the house. Reports show she still hasn't left Kuwait."

In Kuwait, a Pakistani resident has reported his 15-year old daughter missing after she seized her passport from her parent's room. The father expressed his fears that his daughter has left Kuwait for Afghanistan so she can join the Taliban.

According to Kuwaiti police, the father has cited a WhatsApp message his daughter sent him; in which she said she "wishes to join the Taliban so she can bomb herself in either Israel or Afghanistan."

However, initial police reports have found out that the Pakistani teenager has not yet left Kuwait and investigation shows that she is staying somewhere in Al-Salmiya near the Kuwaiti capital.

Online commentators on the incident are warning that this incident should send a red alarm to security departments across the world; suggesting that the Taliban may be recruiting young Muslims through the internet.

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