'Qatar Funded the Creation of the Coronavirus to Hit Our Economy', Saudi Writer Claims

Published March 3rd, 2020 - 10:24 GMT
'Qatar Funded the Creation of the Coronavirus to Hit Our Economy', Saudi Writer Claims
Noura Almoteari's latest claims were met with heavy criticism on social media. (Shutterstock / Al Bawaba)

A tweet by Saudi writer Noura Almoteari has prompted numerous reactions across social media for the accusations she made against Qatar for "funding the creation of the coronavirus" which emerged in China this December.

Almoteari argued that the Qatari government has paid loads of money to help create the deadly virus in order to target the 2020 plans that the Saudi economy has been working to achieve. She also linked this to Dubai's upcoming Expo event that is supposed to attract millions of people starting from next October.

Translation: "I think that the structure and the spread of the coronavirus are purely Qatari. Doha must have paid billions to generate this scary virus in China aiming to hit 2020 plans that pave the way to the 2030 Saudi vision and the 2020 Dubai expo."

The Saudi writer concluded her tweet with the hashtag #قطر_هي_الكورونا (Qatar is the corona) stirring many strong reactions mocking her "conspiracy theory" and accusing her of "using anything to attack Qatar".

Translation: "What's more surprising than the tweet is that you're a novelist and a journalist. How do you write such an ignorant thing? Also, if Qatar did this, doesn't this mean that you're rival is a huge one that could crush you in seconds?" 

Translation: "If that's true, why would they start it in China and not in Saudi or UAE? Isn't that even closer?"

Translation: "Ms. Nora, you have thousands of followers some of whom might be foreigners. I think it's wise to remove this tweet so it's not attributed to us as a scientific fail, especially that the whole world is following up with this health concern and may not be aware of our politics. Regards."

Shortly after being attacked by commentators on Twitter, Almoteari responded saying that her post was a sarcastic one and wasn't meant to state actual facts, saying that she was inspired by the coronavirus impact on the economy and the "Qatari conspiracies" against the GCC countries.

Translation: "This is part of my sarcastic writings known as political mythology, through which I mix literature with political reality. I tried to link the coronavirus results on the different projects in the GCC and the Qatari conspiracies to take these countries down, such as the Qatari attempt to assassinate King Abdullah."

A diplomatic crisis that started in June 2017 between Qatar on one hand and Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain on the other hand, resulting in a continuous exchange of media attacks.

Earlier last week, the Qatari Foreign Minister confirmed that talks aiming to end the Gulf dispute have stopped with no progress.

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