Is Saudi Arabia’s Jarir Bookstore Promoting Blasphemy Via Nawal El Saadawi Books?

Published June 17th, 2021 - 12:21 GMT
Saudi Jarir bookstore selling controversial Nawal's books.
Saudi bookstore called Jarir started promoting the sale of books belonging to the Egyptian writer Nawal El Sadaawi. (Albawaba News)
Saudi Jarir bookstore started selling controversial Nawal El Saadawi's books.

A controversial debate started on Twitter days ago after a famous Saudi bookstore called Jarir started promoting the sale of books belonging to the Egyptian feminist, writer and activist Nawal El Saadawi as part of their current online collection.

The bookstore was accused of promoting blasphamy through selling Nawal’s books; as the writer was famous for her ideas on extreme interpretations of Islam; for which she was slammed and labeled as an atheist by a lot of people in the Arab world, who disagree with the feminist writer.

Hashtags such as Boycott Jarir bookstore and Jairir promotes blasphemy "#مقاطعه_مكتبه_جرير" "#جرير_تروج_للكفر" have gone viral in Saudi Arabia; calling on people to stop dealing with the store and for leaving bad reviews on Google Play and Apple Store.

Jarir Bookstore has earlier placed multiple books written by the activist Nawal El-Saadawi including Love in the Kingdom of Oil and The Fall of the Imam.

Who is Nawal El Saadawi?

Nawal El Saadawi is a feminist writer, activist, physician, and psychiatrist. She wrote many books about women in Islam; She also played an important role in combating FGM ‘female genital mutilation’ in her society.

El Saadawi founded the Arab Women's Solidarity Association in 1982, which aims to support Arab women's active participation in social, economic, cultural, and political life.

She also co-founded  the Arab Association for Human Rights.
Nawal was also awarded honorary degrees in three continents; the latest was the 2012 Seán MacBride Peace Prize by the International Peace Bureau.

About Jarir Bookstore

Jarir Marketing Company (also popularly known as “Jarir Bookstore” or “Jarir”) was established in Riyadh in 1974 as a small bookshop. In the 80s, Jarir opened a second branch in Riyadh followed by one in the 90s. Jarir is now considered the market leader in the Middle East for consumer IT products, Electronics, Office supplies and Books.

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