Saudi Influencer Under Fire After Sharing a Video of Her Wedding Ceremony With a Christian American

Published January 9th, 2020 - 04:28 GMT
@itsreal_jojo // Instagram
@itsreal_jojo // Instagram

A Saudi Influencer received massive backlash after she shared a video on her social media of her marriage to a Christian American man.

The incident sparked a controversy because Muslim women are forbidden to marry men from different faiths. 

The Saudi bride appeared in the video, dressed in a short white wedding dress, making vows to her husband, who makes his vows in Arabic as she and the guests laugh. 

During his vows, the husband says that the secret of their love is the difference in cultures and backgrounds, saying: “Some people believe that they have to be from the same background or culture or belong to the same religion, but our love is stronger than anything in the world.” 

Reactions of social media users to the controversial video were mostly negative, which many arguing that civil marriage is forbidden in Islam, and therefore is not legal. 

Translation: “False marriage.. Allah will never bless this marriage, because a Muslim woman can never marry a Christian man, it’s as if she’s just having an affair.” 


Hello instagram, I’m here to announce something, it’s my turn to be happy, I’m in love, I found my soulmate, I’m incredibly thankful it always makes me slightly teary eyed when I start to say it think it or write it, how lucky am I? I’m so happy I have never been this happy before, it even hurts! it’s crazy how this universe works!! I dreamed of this love for so long, I knew it’s existing, but I didn’t know if I’m going to find it. he is so real, honest and he’s doing everything to make me happy. we’re so different, came from different ethnicity and different religions beliefs, but we’re so similar, our souls met long before our eyes and nothing else matters. my dream came true and he put a ring on my finger, we’re engaged, and he is the soul that I treasure the most. مرحبا انستغرام أنا هنا لأعلن شيئًا ما ، جاء دوري لأكون سعيدة ، أنا في حالة حب ، لقد وجدت رفيقي في الحياة ، وأنا ممتنة بشكل لا يصدق، دائما تغرق عيناي بالدموع عندما أبدأ في الكلام عن حبنا او التفكير فيه أو كتابتة ، كم انا محظوظة! أنا سعيدة جدًا كما لم أكن من قبل ، حتى ان هذه السعاده احيانا تؤلم! من الجنون كيف يعمل هذا الكون !! حلمت بهذا الحب لفترة طويلة ، كنت أعرف أنه موجود ، لكنني لم أكن أعرف ما إذا كنت سأجده. هو شخص حقيقي وصادق ويعمل كل شيء ليجعلني سعيدة. لقد تحقق حلمي ووضع خاتما على إصبعي ، فنحن مخطوبان ، وهو الروح التي أقدرها أكثر من غيرها.

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Translation: “Poor guy, he’s now stuck with her. “You should have made him convert to Islam before you married him.. You have just committed an unforgivable sin.” 


Lover!!! Me, him and cookie the cat 🐱 my cute little family💛

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On the other hand, some social media users argued that the couple have personal freedom, and that the people who are attacking them do not have the right to patronize them or control their lives. 


Translation: “You seem truly happy, unlike marriages in the Middle East where criminals get to marry women only to torture them and then cheat on them. Live your life, I wish you a happy one.”

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