Senator dismissed from session for blood-stained pants

Published February 21st, 2023 - 11:53 GMT

ALBAWABA - Speaker of the Kenyan Senate demanded a woman member of parliament to leave the session for allegedly violating the dress code.

The senator appeared with a spot of blood on her white pants, as if she was in her menstruation.

Kenyan senator Gloria Orwoba entered the session with her pants stained with blood, as if she had her period, while wearing a white uniform, where the blood spot was visible.

The senator reportedly said that she was aware of the red spot on her clothes before entering the session.

International media outlets said that she deliberately entered the session in the same clothes, instead of returning home to change, to raise this 'important' issue and to break the culture of shame around it.

Senators, including women, criticized her action, considering that she appeared in an inappropriate manner.

It remain unclear if she had deliberately put a spot of blood on her pants, or if she was menstruating. However, after being asked to leave the session, Orwoba did not change her clothes, but visited a school in the capital, Nairobi, to distribute sanitary pads.

The senator is known for being a fierce defender about menstruation, and she is the creative mind behind a proposal calling for increased government funding for free sanitary pads and feminine hygiene products in all public schools in her country.

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