Social Media Laments a 100 Flooded Refugee Camps

Published January 19th, 2021 - 07:19 GMT
Social Media Cries a 100 Flooded Refugee Camps and Condemns 'Poor Management'
Many tweets accused such organizations of poorly managing the refugee crisis over the years. (Twitter: @HadiAlabdallah)

Millions of people across the world get excited about rain as it pours down during the winter season, but residents of about 100 refugee camps in Northern Syria live a different reality.

Translation: "The disaster we live today in camps has one of two solutions, a temporary immediate solution or a final one that ends this situation for good. This is a message to whom it may concern from one of Idlib's flooded camps."

Over the last few days, hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees have been living through tremendous misery as non-stop rain floods into their tents, while record low temperatures freeze their kids with no foreseen help.

Photos and videos showing the damage caused by the weather in a number of camps have been widely shared across social media platforms, as users expressed deep sympathy with thousands of Syrian families who are struggling due to heavy rain.

Translation: "This is how people in camps live with the harsh cold of winter. God help us"

Online people called on humanitarian organizations that have been involved in refugee camps in Syria and elsewhere since the Syrian war started in 2011 to offer immediate help for the displaced people.

Moreover, many tweets accused such organizations of poorly managing the refugee crisis over the years, saying that billions of dollars spent over the years in tent-like camps could have been replaced with actual concrete buildings that prevent hardships similar to the one lived by millions of people currently.

Translation: "The money spent on establishing camps that flood in winter and are boiling in the summer could have built tens of model cities to house the entire displaced population of northern Syria."

Some Twitter users addressed the two richest men on earth, inviting them to donate well-built houses for Syria's displaced population.

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