Sold in Prison: Yemeni Inmate Marries 10-Year-Old Daughter of Fellow Prisoner

Published December 1st, 2019 - 07:46 GMT

A Yemeni woman sparked a massive outcry after she shared a heartbreaking video in which she tells the story of her minor daughter being married off.

The woman says her husband, who is in prison for robbery, sold his 10-year-old daughter, Hind, to another prisoner serving a death sentence for money laundering, drug dealing and fraud.

The traumatized mother revealed that she had received calls from the prisoner asking her to bring him her daughter, claiming it was his right as her husband. She refused to do so in an attempt to protect the underage girl from the marriage.

The woman, who is raising three daughters and working from home to support them, said the prisoner sends her messages and calls her constantly to bring her daughter, his "wife," reminding her that he had the father's consent. 

Translation: “Mother cries for help to rescue her 10-year-old daughter from marrying a criminal.” 

According to local news, Yemeni activists intervened in the case, demanding an end to child marriages which are not uncommon in the country.

The story has angered people worldwide and they're demanding that those responsible for the "immoral and illegal" crime be held accountable.

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