Stripping and Drinking in Saudi Arabia? Police Arrest 9 Women at Controversial Music Festival

Published December 24th, 2019 - 04:38 GMT

Saudi Arabia witnessed a large number of arrests against Saudi women, who were charged with nudity and alcohol consumption. 

This happened after the largest, and first, mixed-gender concert took place in the conservative country during Riyadh Season. 

In a statement published by the Saudi Press, Riyadh police confirmed the arrest of nine women for violating the public taste regulations that were published by the government last month. Riyadh police spokesman, Shaker Al-Tuwaijri said: "This Monday, 9 violations of public taste took place, and penalties imposed on the perpetrators, who were all women, were applied.”

Translation: “Here’s a video of people having sex at the music festival.. This is taking it too far.”

Al-Tuwaijri added that this is a part of the security authorities' duties in implementing the list of preserving public taste published by the Saudi Government. In the same context, local sources said that all the women arrested were of Saudi nationality, and that they were caught in “near-complete nudity and drunkenness” during the "Middle Best" music festival. 

Translation: “All these crowds will soon stand before God on Judgement’s day.. They will all burn in hell for their sins.” 

Photos and videos taken from the music festival were widely circulated on social media, where Saudi people were enraged due to the “inappropriate behaviors” that the conservative Kingdom witnessed for the first time.

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