Sudan: The People Are on The Streets Despite Internet Blackout

Published June 19th, 2019 - 07:08 GMT

Amidst an internet blackout in most parts of the country, Sudanese people are tirelessly protesting the ongoing atrocities carried out by the ruling military council around the country.

A recent video by the official account of the Sudanese Professionals Association, the organizers of the protesters and the entity that resembles the protests, has shared on social media a video on Tuesday night showing a collection of videos taking from ongoing protests around the country.

Sudan has been in chaos since June 3, when the military carried out a crackdown on protests who were demanding a civilian government.

The crackdown left tens dead and hundreds injured, in addition to the military’s decision to cut off the internet all around the country to stop protesters mobilizing.

Meanwhile, internet users across all social media platforms from Instagram to Twitter and Facebook have decided to go on an online protest in solidarity with Sudan to raise awareness of the ongoing turmoil currently taking place in the country; they decided to change their profile pictures to blue.

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