Syrian graffiti mocks United Nations slow aid

Published February 20th, 2023 - 04:31 GMT
Artwork made by artists Aziz Asmar and Anas Hamdoun. (Twitter)

ALBAWABA - Artists in Syria drew graffiti to mock the United Nations and its slowness in sending aid to the earthquake-hit country.

Two weeks after a 7.8-magnitude earthquake that jolted Syria and Turkey, graffiti showing a turtle with the U.N. flag appeared in Idlib.

The street artwork was created by artists Aziz Asmar and Anas Hamdoun.

In the artwork, trucks with the slogan "فزعة العشائر - which means clans' quick response" while on the other side, it represents the U.N. as a turtle as a mock to its slow movement in responding to the catastrophe.

One of the turtle's legs was bound in a rope which was held by a character of Syrian President Bashar Assad, which hints at another evidence of slow aid arrival to the earthquake victims.

At least 46,000 people were killed in the strong earthquake that hit Syria and Turkey and left about 84,000 buildings either severely damaged, needing urgent demolition, or collapsed, according to officials.

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