Syrian kids steal hearts while performing World Cup song

Published November 17th, 2022 - 07:07 GMT
World Cup
Syrian kids perform FIFA World Cup song, Arhbo. (Mohamed Khair Hak/ Youtube/ video screenshot)
FIFA World Cup will take place this year in Qatar.

ALBAWABA - Since launching the song for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, called Arhbo, many have re-performed it creating their own versions. However, Syrian kids have stolen the lights from other bands.

Syrian kids living inside Idlib's refugee camps recreated the original FIFA song Arhbo, which was launched two months ago by Ooredoo Qatar, dragging the world's attention and stealing people's hearts for their limited resources.

A Yemeni band, known as Yemen Dan, have also recreated the famous FIFA World Cup song and added its unique touch to it.

The Yemeni band has also mixed the Arhbo song with another Yemeni song believed to be for the artist Abu Bakr Salem to make it even more special.


An Egyptian choir called Rouh Al Sharq has got the chance to perform in Qatar after its version of the Qatari FIFA song Arhbo went viral on social media. Rouh Al Sharq choir was launched in 2020 and it gained its fame through TikTok and talk shows.

The Egyptian band has 600 singers and musicians who are students and alumni of Egypt's Ain Shams University.

FIFA 2022 World Cup is about to kick off in a few days and will take place this year in Qatar, the first middle eastern country to ever host this international event.

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