Texas Man Joins the Russians to Support Them With Propaganda Videos

Published March 1st, 2022 - 08:05 GMT
Russell Bonner Bentley
The man has been identified as Russell Bonner Bentley. (Reddit)

While most Americans take to social media to express opposition to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine and to support the people of Ukraine, one Texas man has broken the rule and flew all the way to Russia to support its troops.

The man who has been identified by local Texas Monthly magazine as 54-year old Russell Bonner Bentley has been pro-Russia's attempt to take over the Donetsk region since 2015. 

He has repeatedly traveled to Russia, including his latest trip amid the Russian military operation in Ukraine, during which he has been recording what has been described as propaganda videos in support of Russia.

Online people sharing videos of Russell Bonner Bentley standing in front of Russian tanks have wondered about his motives supporting the traditional enemy of the United States of America.

Some commentators who expressed anger towards Bentley's support for Russia backed a suggestion of revoking his US citizenship, considering his decision to support a military that is "threatening US interests."

According to the Texas Monthly, Russell Bonner Bentley's life events have been quite unusual, as he was a Germany-based Army engineer before becoming a "hard-partying musician" in the South Padre Island of Texas. He has also been known as a pro-marijuana legalization activist in both Minnesota and Alaska.

The magazine also briefly mentions Russell Bonner Bentley's illegal activity in drug trafficking, besides his bid for a seat in the US Senate during the 1990s. 

Moreover, Russell Bonner Bentley's nom de guerre is "Texas," Texas Monthly reports.

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