TikTok Video of Niqabi Women “Dancing” and “Flirting” With Foreign Men Provokes Anger in Saudi Arabia

Published January 10th, 2020 - 07:25 GMT
Screenshot // TikTok
Screenshot // TikTok

A TikTok video of Niqabi women “dancing” and “flirting" with foreign men went viral on Saudi social media. 

The video received massive backlash from Saudi Social media users, who condemned the women's behavior, claiming that it misrepresents the conservative kingdom's customs and traditions. 

Translation: “May Allah have mercy on us…” 

Translation: “These indecent videos should not be circulated on the internet. By sharing this, you’re spreading immorality, sin and misbehavior among young people. This is a reckless woman who should be punished. This is what you get when you give women freedom. Women are immoral and have no shame or modesty.”

Translation: “Allah wants people to hide their sins, meanwhile we see people like this woman showing off her immoral behavior.. This is the result of allowing women and men to be around each other at the same place. We need to separate two genders or we will have inappropriate behaviors like this happen.”

Meanwhile others argued that the people are reacting negatively to this video because the men in it are from foreign nationalities, and that had they been Saudi, the video wouldn’t receive this much criticism.

Translation: “What’s the issue with this? Are you upset because these are men or because they’re just not Saudi?” 

Translation: “So what? I don’t think she did anything wrong.”

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