Tom Cruise Deep Fake Video Reminds Us Of Grave Dangers 

Published March 4th, 2021 - 06:59 GMT
Tom Cruise deep fake video on Tiktok
Fears are now on the rise regarding the use and the availability of such technologies. (Twitter: @gnnhdofficial)

Days after the viral TikTok account that used the deep fake technology to generate videos featuring Hollywood's famous icon Tom Cruise, questions are mounting over the dangers this technology could leave in the world.

It is hard for anyone watching those popular TikTok videos to believe that the Tom Cruise they are watching isn't in fact the well-known movie star neither is he a look alike.

Using the deep fake video technology people are now more able than ever to create videos that make them look like someone else, with minimum visual differences.

The huge advancement tech developers have been able to achieve has enabled even the most average people to have access to such tools, which is still largely used in the entertainment industry so far, whether we are talking about movie creators or those interested in presenting appealing digital content.

Yet, fears are now on the rise concerning the availability of such technologies especially if they are used to manipulate real people for political, social, or moral reasons. Such as creating videos of politicians or government officials as they say or do things that are not acceptable to the public, aiming at harming their political or social status.

Such technologies could also affect the news industry as it will make it significantly harder for news editors to verify viral videos and checking whether it is true or not. It will also heighten public doubts about whether news people are reading and sharing online are fake or not and cause a threat to the media industry in general.

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