Transgender Saher Monther Attacked, 'Pleads' for Help

Published August 17th, 2022 - 11:39 GMT
Saher Monther
Saher Monther is a YouTube star, blogger and influencer. (Instagram/ @sahermonther)

Transgender Saher Monther shared a video on August 14th from a hospital after being subjected to a violent attack from Palestinian men calling for the help of human rights organizations.

Saher Monther didn't reveal the real reason behind the attack but she asked for any kind of help from 'human rights organizations and LGBTQ' to rescue her from what she described as 'hell'.

اناشد حقوق الانسان وكل العالم انو يخلصني من هذا الجحيم انا عم اتدمر عم اموتتتتتتتتتتتت#أنقذوا_ساهر_منذر #unicef @UNICEF @LGBT @UNICEFIsrael

— Saher Monther (@sahermonther) August 14, 2022

The YouTube star, blogger, and social media influencer, who has over 667K followers on Instagram and 328K subscribers on YouTube, mentioned some of the most famous human rights organizations including UNICEF in the post with high hopes to finally meet justice.

A hashtag was also released on social media where pro-LGBTQ+ people shared their thoughts in favor of the transgender. The hashtag "#أنقذوا_ساهر_منذر - Save Saher Monther" went virally online where people called for a full investigation into the incident and urged to punish of the attackers.

Save her/him ? #أنقذوا_ساهر_منذر @UNICEF @Refugees @LGBT

— Sara ?️‍??? (@SaraMawadda) August 14, 2022

Various reactions also emerged online where people disagreed on the real reason behind the attack where some people said that it was because she is an LGBTQ+ member while others revealed that it might be because the men harassed her and tried to sit with her in the cafe.

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