Ukrainian Civilians or Russian Soldiers? Video of Mass Grave Confuses the Internet

Published March 8th, 2022 - 06:46 GMT
Mass grave in Ukraine
The video showed a mass grave being prepared but online people had different narratives. (Twitter)

The war in Ukraine has flooded the internet with rumors photos and videos posted by each side to support their own narrative. 

Amongst the many videos that have been circulating online is one that shows a number of people burying dozens of war victims in a mass grave.

According to a number of sources, the video was filmed in the city of Chernihiv to the north of Ukraine. But different sources had different narratives for what the video stands for.

Translation: "Burial of civilian victims of the Russian dictator."

Many online people shared the video while mourning the loss of hundreds of Ukrainian civilians to Russian shelling throughout the past two weeks.

According to UN figures, at least 406 unarmed Ukrainians have been killed since the start of the war on the 24th of February, while more than 800 others have been injured.

The Russian attack on Ukraine has been regarded as the largest military conflict in Europe since WWII, which also makes it the first war where news is shared via the internet, making media a major player in the confrontation, despite the increasing difficulty in verifying their validity

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