5 Signs of a Slightly Left-Leaning World: The Domino Effect of US Elections?

Published January 6th, 2021 - 09:57 GMT
5 Signs of a Slightly Left-Leaning World: The Domino Effect of US Elections?
Last November, Donald Trump lost what had seemed like a close race. (AlBawaba: Riham Darwish)

After almost four years of a right-wing lead in almost every major political arena, starting with the 2016 Brexit referendum in the UK and the Donald Trump win of US elections during the same year, a number of recent events are suggesting a deterioration in the right-wing's popularity which appears to be losing ground in the west.

The unforeseen shift towards the right and white nationalism that has been taking place over the last several years could have ignited an extreme response from the other camp, mostly witnessed in recurrent, more organized protests, whether we are talking about the women's march or the Black Lives Matter movement.

While the Trump four-year reign has negatively impacted the political rhetoric in the country, creating space for a more severe political polarization, the phenomenon doesn't seem to affect the US only.

Since last November, more and more events are showing a reversed political shift in different places around the world.

1. Joe Biden's win

Despite a slow start of the election year, with millions of Americans focusing on the pandemic which imposed social distancing rules and long home-stays, the US presidential elections witnessed an overwhelming rate of voter turnout, one that has resulted in an unexpected defeat for Donald Trump, who had achieved an easy win back in 2016.

Some experts have interpreted Biden's win saying that more left-leaning voices that didn't want to vote for Clinton in 2016, might have shut the door in Trump's face this time.

2. More progressive, LGBTQ, and colored legislators than ever

In addition to losing the White House, the GOP lost its majority in the US Congress, making more space for black and brown politicians in both the house and the senate, many of whom are regarded as more progressive than the traditional line of the democratic party.

Additionally, the 2020 elections featured the first transgender senator in the US Congress.

3. Flipped States

Even more surprising during recent months, was the historical changes in political tendencies in places that have for long been considered as right-wing strongholds, such as the US states of Georgia and Arizona, both of which flipped blue during the 2020 elections.

4.Black Lives Matter gaining momentum in Europe

Despite it originating in the US in protest of "excessive police violence against black people," the BLM movement is increasingly getting more popular across Europe, as generations of immigrants and their descendants report facing a similar reality.

Since June 2020, several BLM protests have taken place in Paris, London, Zurich, and many other cities, all calling for limiting police violations against people of color.

However, some voices have questioned whether this European interest in the BLM movement is genuine, or if it's another sign of American cultural hegemony across the world.

5. The arrest of Proud Boys leader

Not being condemned by Donald Trump,  the far-right Proud Boys group has been getting more popular amongst conservatives in the US. However, news outlets have most recently reported the arrest of Enrique Tarrio, the leader of the group for "misdemeanor property damage" as he prepared to join DC march in support of Trump's claims of voter fraud.

Written by Riham Darwish

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