Video: China girl pushes off boy in well

Published April 1st, 2023 - 12:40 GMT
Video :Girl throws boy down a well in China
A girl was caught on camera throwing a little boy down a well.

ALBAWABA - A crime committed by a seven-year-old girl in China brought fresh scrutiny on the effect of television images of violence on children.

The girl was caught on camera pushing off a little boy into a well. Although the boy clung onto the side, the girl pries his fingers off the edge, forcing him to plunge deep into the well, which is about five meters deep.


In the video, the girl appeared unmoved by the boy's distress and desparate calls for help. She stood by the well momentarily before leaving.

The boy, however, survived after being rescued by people in the neighborhood, officials said.

The two children were neighbors and had frequently played together before the incident, the authorities said. Officials pointed out that the families of both children had agreed on a settlement involving thousands of Yuans and some food.

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