Video: Lebanese President ‘Stunned’ for a While During TV Interview

Published December 1st, 2021 - 08:25 GMT
Michel Aoun
Michel Aoun stopped responding to Aljazeera's question. (Twitter: @elieamoussa)

Last night, Lebanese President Michel Aoun appeared in a rare TV interview to address the different challenges his country has been facing over the last couple of years. However, Michel Aoun sparked online mockery during the first 10 minutes of the interview, when he looked stunned after a question over the recent Saudi-Lebanese crisis.

During the 29-minute interview with Michel Aoun, who is 88 years old, the Lebanese President discussed the current Lebanese financial crisis and the different political dynamics in the country, including relationships with the GCC countries, Iran, and the West.

However, Michel Aoun's unresponsive 15 seconds following a question, over what the Lebanese Minister of Information George Kordahi should do in the wake of the crisis he triggered with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries, unleashed numerous online mockery.

While it was not clear if Michel Aoun was choosing to ignore the question, tried to avoid answering it, or did not exactly grasp what it meant, online people edited the video with a number of clips, including music ones, and others associating his slow pace with old computer software.

The question which was asked by Hassan Jammoul, the Lebanese TV presenter at Aljazeera, was over the president's opinion of whether he believes that George Kordahi should resign to end the latest feud with Saudi Arabia.

George Kordahi had appeared in a TV interview that was filmed shortly before he took his government position, in which he called for an end to the Saudi-led military war in Yemen, saying that the Iranian-backed Houthis are defending their country against Saudi Arabia. 

Translation: "When Michel Aoun is a virus on a windows xp."

Kordahi's statements were then deemed offensive to Saudi Arabia which cut diplomatic ties with Lebanon, joined by other countries in the GCC.

Since then, Kordahi has been refusing to present a formal apology to Saudi Arabia or submit his resignation, saying that he had expressed his personal opinion on the matter before taking his government office, which "he is entitled to."

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