Video: Syrians to Be Deported From Denmark Face Threats by Assad Loyalists

Published May 9th, 2021 - 08:25 GMT
Syrians in Denmark
Thousands of Syrians are facing deportation from Denmark. (Twitter: @EuroMedHR)

A TikTok video, in which an Assad loyalist commented on the news  of Denmark and other European countries' decisions to deport Syrian refugees, has gone viral. In the video, the man ridicules Syrian refugees in Europe and calls them "extremists."

Even though the video was posted on TikTik by the person who is known online as "Kusai Km," it went viral on different platforms including Twitter, where it was widely shared by European users who expressed concern over its content.

US-based Kusai had made fun of Syrian refugees, who have been facing deportations from Denmark, saying he is happy that Europe "is finally sending terrorists back" to Syria. He continued saying that Syria will welcome refugees with "red carpets and aunts' houses." In Levantine Arabic, an aunt's house refers colloquially to prison.

He ended his short video "thanking Europe" and hoping that other countries in the world will continue to do the same. 

Online people have widely shared the video hoping that authorities in Denmark and other European countries will reconsider their decisions to revoke the asylum status for thousands of Syrians. 

Over the last several months, Denmark was the first country to declare its intent to deport Syrians who hail from towns and cities where the fight has stopped, saying "it was safe for them to return home." However, activists and human rights experts have been highlighting that individuals who are opposed to the Assad regime will not be safe in Syria, as Assad's loyalists have been pledging retaliation.

Moreover, American users of Twitter have also shared Kusai Km's video calling on US authorities to deport him saying that his threats to his fellow Syrian citizens should not be tolerated, especially that he is a strong supporter of Russian-backed Bashar al-Assad.

According to official records released in 2017, more than 40k Syrians were living legally in Denmark since the war broke in their home country in 2011, including ones with temporary residency permits.

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