Viral Video: Israeli Tourists Apologize For Stealing From Hotel Rooms in The UAE

Published December 31st, 2020 - 08:03 GMT
Viral Video Echos UAE Hotels' Anecdotes of Israeli Tourists Stealing Room Objects
Israel's Ynet has reported a new wave of misbehaving Israeli tourists in the UAE. (

About a month into the Tel Aviv-Dubai commercial flights activity drawing the attention of hundreds of Israeli tourists trying to escape their country's strict lockdown rules due to the pandemic, Israel's Ynet reports complaints by an Emirati hotel manager against some Israeli clients who had just left his hotel.

According to Ynet the owner of the hotel overseeing the world's longest structure in Dubai told in detail of thefts made by some of the Israeli tourists who resided in his hotel. He said after checking out from the hotel it was found their suitcases had kettles, coffee and tea bags, hangers, towels, and even light bulbs.

Consequently, a well-known Qatari presenter created a video depicting the thefts, saying a number of Emirati hotel owners already contacted him detailing the thefts they managed to catch.

In the video, Abd Al-Aziz Khazraj Al-Ansari warns Emiratis saying: "They should know that normalization with Israel means having to give up room objects for now, and maybe land later on". The video soon went viral on social media as people expressed their shock over the news.

The report goes on to describe the different incidents hotel managers noticed such as missing objects in rooms upon check out, saying their requests to examine the luggage of the Israeli guests were often met with shouting before they returned the objects and apologized.

Last September, the UAE joined by Bahrain signed a normalization agreement with Israel reached by US President Donald Trump, celebrating the "Abraham Accords" as a "peace deal" and a significant breakthrough in achieving Middle East peace.

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