War Time? Hezbollah’s Leader Wears ‘The Chinese Ring'

Published August 9th, 2022 - 09:29 GMT
War Time? Hezbollah’s Leader Wears ‘The Chinese Ring'

For the past week, tensions in the Middle East have extremely risen following the latest Israeli military attacks against the Gaza strip and Nablus, which have left nearly 60 Palestinians dead and hundreds of injuries. The Israeli escalations seem to have also alerted Lebanon's Hezbollah to the north, which has warned of a strong response in case Israeli attacks target any of its members or Palestinian leaders in Lebanon.

Since the latest Israeli attack on Gaza had targeted almost exclusively military leaders of the Iran-backed Islamic Jihad movement, Hezbollah's leader Hassan Nasrallah warned Israel of similar attacks against Hezbollah, saying it will lead to major consequences.

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In a speech that was aired on TV on Monday evening, in commemoration of the events of Ashura in Islamic history, Hassan Nasrallah considered the Israeli attack against Islamic Jihad in Gaza as a "miscalculation", urging Israel to stop "sending messages to Lebanon" saying "the resistance will not allow any violations". 

Following Hassan Nasrallah's speech, online people widely discussed Nasrallah's "Chinese Hematite" ring, saying that being placed on the Hezbollah leader's finger "could mean that he was preparing for war".

Social media users said that according to some Islamic beliefs, wearing Hematite rings mean it is wartime, which could be a more serious threatening message from Hassan Nasrallah to Israel.

Hours after Hassan Nasrallah's speech, the head of southern command in the Israeli army Eliezer Toledano was seen on video as he delivered a speech warning Hezbollah of "crossing the border", which has been considered another sign of rising tensions between Israel and Hezbollah.

On Tuesday morning, Lebanese sources reported Israeli military drills in the occupied Golan Heights, saying it can be seen and heard from Lebanon's Shebaa Farms which continues to be under Israeli military occupation.

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