What's Really Happening in China! Shocking Videos Emerge From Shanghai

Published April 14th, 2022 - 08:17 GMT
covid-19 cases has hit a new record in China
This photo taken on April 5, 2022 shows people wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) as they transfer daily food supplies and necessities for local residents during the Covid-19 lockdown in Shanghai. (Photo by AFP)

Covid-19 cases have been increasing widely in China following a two-year stability in infections, and despite vaccine shots and boosters. As of last month, partial and full lockdowns were imposed in over 23 cities including the country's biggest city Shanghai.

According to Chinese officials, this wave is the worst since the virus broke out inside China's Wuhan back in 2019. Shanghai, which has 17 million residents, reported over 2000 cases on Wednesday.

Amid imposed and extended lockdown, some families in Shanghai are forced not to leave their homes and are now facing food shortages leading to anger as people took to the streets to protest the lack of food and main life products.

Its called 'The silent protest'. One person moved his empty fridge to his balcony and opened its door to protest the lack of food as people are banned from leaving their houses amid harsh lockdown measures imposed by the Chinese government to control the Covid-19 crisis.

Since the start of the lockdown in China's Shanghai, people have been sharing horrific, unverified videos from the city.

One video widely shared online shows tons of food and products being lay in wast in a logistics warehouse while people starve in their homes.

Another video shared on Twitter shows people running to grab a box of food and medicines seeming helpless while fighting to get anything from the country's supermarkets after a week of lockdown.

Another shocking clip shows a doctor who collapsed after working hard at an isolation center and was carried off by patients for help.

A person has shared a clip of what he called a 'detention camp' claiming that people who test positive for Covid-19 are forced out of their homes and kept in the centers regarding how dangerous the cases there might be.

Another video the most to raise anger and controversy, shows Chinese authorities wearing hazmat suits while lifting up dead dogs found on the streets.

On April 12, Covid-19 cases shot up to 22,348 daily. 97% of those cases are founded in isolated quarantine sites. However, Shanghai announced the easing of lockdown in some areas. It is the first time a region in China that loosens lockdown.

The daily Covid-19 cases in China are up to 29,317 which is the most since the pandemic began in November 2019.

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