Which Austrian Minister Danced With Putin on her Wedding Day?

Published July 6th, 2022 - 10:35 GMT
Wedding Day
Karin Kneissl seen with Russian leader Putin performing a waltz dance with Putin on her wedding Day. (Twitter)
Karin Kneissl had a special waltz dance with Putin on her wedding Day.

Austrian former Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl fled her homeland country after receiving dozens of death threats, the Washington Post reported on Tuesday. According to sources, the Austrian minister's displacement is highly linked to her strong ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Washington Post revealed Karin Kneissl got married four years ago and the star guest of her wedding was Putin. The ex-FM is said to hold a special dance with the Russian President on her wedding day.

wedding day

Sources further revealed that Kneissl’s wedding, which was held in Austria, was known as the most visible symbol of the political elite’s embrace of Russia. 

During the ceremony, the Austrian former Foreign Minister held a special waltz dance with Putin who was also seen kissing the bride's hand.

Translation: "Concrete case of Russian "penetration" within the Austrian elites."

Kneissl was hired in a well-paid position in Rosneft which is a Russian state energy giant. However, the former FM resigned from her job following Putin's invasion of Ukraine on February 24th.

Social media users have gone online to share more photos that join Karin Kneissl and Putin from her wedding day with most of the pictures showing the bride's special dance with the Russian leader.

wedding day

On the other hand, the 57-year-old politician replied to The Washington Post's story' saying that she had to leave her hometown in 2020 due to 'constant attacks', but later on she was hired as Director of the Board of Rosneft. Furthermore, Kneissl added that she was deprived of the right to work in Austria decrying the American famous news agency is trying to make it as a breaking story. However, two years after the incident.

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