Why Did Qatar Arrest Yemeni Activist Critical of Saudi-Led Coalition?

Published February 8th, 2022 - 07:22 GMT
Saleh Al Jarmouzi
Saleh Al Jarmouzi appeared on a TV interview on the Lebanese Al Mayadeem channel shortly before his arrest. (Twitter)

A few months ago, criticizing the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen on Qatari media or from Qatar was more than a regular happening. Yet, the return of warm ties between the two countries seems to be stronger than ever, more evidently in the recent arrest of a Qatar-based Yemeni critic of Saudi Arabia.

According to the Lebanese pro-Iran Al Mayadeen TV channel, Yemeni commentator Saleh Al Jarmouzi was arrested by Qatari authorities in Doha shortly after he appeared on the channel and expressed criticism of the ongoing Saudi military operations in Yemen. 

In his TV appearance, Saleh Al Jarmouzi had also weighed on statements made by Al-Azhar religious institution, often regarded as the biggest amongst Sunni Islamic ones, in which Houthi attacks on the UAE killing three residents were quickly condemned, but not the Saudi or the Emirati airstrikes against civilian targets in Yemen, killing dozens of people since 2015.

Online people quickly shared the news shared by Al Mayadeen TV amid confirmations from his family, while they questioned the unusual Qatari action against critics of Saudi Arabia.

Many people noted that the Qatar-based Aljazeera has always hosted Yemeni activists and politicians who were either expressing anti-Saudi stances or pro-Houthi ones, with none of them facing arrest.

Social media users also condemned the arrest saying that it was a sign of deteriorating freedom of speech in Qatar as it also suggests stronger ties between Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

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