Zafer Tourism game criticized for promoting anti-refugee policy

Published May 25th, 2023 - 09:42 GMT
Zafer Tourism
(Gacrux Game Studio)

ALBAWABA - Zafer Tourism, a Turkish video game, has been causing wide controversy on social media for promoting anti-refugee policy.

Zafer Tourism video game was released by Turkish developer Gacrux Game Studio which denied any relation with the Turkish Victory Party, that is known for its strong anti-immigrant policies.

Some people linked the video game to the Turkish Victory Party (in Turkish: Zafer Party) due to similarity in names and a campaign released earlier by the party to raise funds to deport Syrians from Turkey.

Zafer Tourism was accused of insulting as well as promoting hate speech and trigger violence against Syrian refugees in Turkey. The game, according to some players, encourages killing refugees and sending them back to their hometown.

Meanwhile, Google Play said that it is investigating complains received by users and that it is taking it very seriously.

In detail, the Zafer Tourism game is about catching refugees and migrants who attempt to cross border of the player. Each player has to catch people who attempt to enter his country, which wasn't defined in the game however many users claimed that it refers to Turkey, and transfer them back to their home by placing them into trucks.

The game carries the tagline "Guard the flag, don't let them invade your country."

The player, who is able to catch most of those who attempt to cross border, is the one who gets the best score. However, user loses all points if too many crossed his borders in the video game.

Many activists on social media have called Google Play Store to remove the game as it promotes hate against refugees. Furthermore, other people called players and users to file complains and gave it bad reviews until it gets deleted.

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