Can You Really Compare Khamenei to Hitler?

Published June 25th, 2019 - 12:59 GMT
Ali Khomeini in a strident mood (AFP/File Photo)
Ali Khomeini in a strident mood (AFP/File Photo)
The Iranian regime is currently demonstrating. a trend similar to what preceded World War II

THOSE who follow the current trend of events in the region would not find a major difference between the present situation and what transpired two decades prior to World War II in terms of preludes and justifications.

The Iranian regime is currently demonstrating a trend similar to what preceded World War II, which took place over half a century ago, in terms of dealing with the files involving it and the world, and especially the terrorism and attempts to blackmail the international community with conflicts and crises.

If Hitler’s justification for controlling the Nazi in 1921 was to amend the Treaty of Versailles one year before, and German’s declaration of its responsibility in World War I and paying for the resultant damages due to its military escapades in other countries, the Hitler of today is treading on a similar path in terms of seeking to annul the nuclear deal.

Despite the flaws in the deal that five major countries including Germany had agreed on after 12 years of negotiations, Iran ended up turning against it after it was endorsed. Iran’s support for terrorist groups shot up by employing a significant amount of money, which was the outcome of the deal, to fund those groups.

The path taken by Iran in this regard made the US to exit from this infamous deal and sparked Europe to increase its tone in warning Iran due to the persistence of the latter to instigate chaos and destabilize world peace particularly through its continuous provocations and threats to close down international maritime routes in the Hormuz Strait and Bab-el-Mandeb Strait.

In the beginning of the 20th century, Hitler exploited sentiments of nationalism and the so-called “superiority of the Aryan race over other human races”. The Hitler of today is exploiting sectarian fanaticism as its cover, which is coated with Persian superiority and is also the origin of Aryan race, in order to achieve its expansionism objective. Unfortunately, some Arabs are falling for it without considering its consequences, particularly the sectarian aspect of it.

If history repeats itself as tragedy at times and as parody at other times, the current events in the region suggest it is a repetition of historical tragedy, with the difference being the countries and the methods used.

Instead of directly invading countries and expanding as the Nazis did, the Hitler-ish regime in Iran is executing its expansionism scheme using terrorist groups in the regional countries. This is either through the Houthis in its long attempt to infiltrate the Saudi border in order to get to the holy places to legitimize its scheme or via Iraq, Lebanon, Bahrain and other countries where such groups have committed heinous crimes.

Perhaps, these facts elude the minds of some, especially those who face constant threats against its regional strategic interests such as what is happening today with the US. It was recently proven that the US administration’s political interest is above its national security, its existence and reverence in the Middle East.

Therefore, this abatement will undoubtedly end up something like the Munich Treaty that caused the disaster of World War II because it gave Hitler the green signal to invade Europe. It is at that moment when there will not be any strategic interests for the US to either defend or preserve.

There is no any exit from this impasse except by crushing Iran’s “Fuehrer” scheme of Ali Khomeini by taking the battle inside Iran with the support of the opposition, and dismantling the terrorist groups that continue to pump oxygen into the evil expansionism scheme.

Ahmed Al-Jarallah is Editor-in-Chief of the Arab Times

This article has been adapted from its original source.

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