George Kordahi Pushes Forward an Iranian Agenda

Published October 31st, 2021 - 04:14 GMT
George Kordahi
Lebanon's Minister of Information George Kordahi speaks during a press conference at the presidential palace in Baabda, east of the capital Beirut, on September 13, 2021 [ANWAR AMRO/AFP via Getty Images]

THE Lebanese Information Minister George Kordahi’s stance regarding Saudi Arabia and his apparent bias towards Iran in its continuous aggression against Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf states via the Houthi gang, which is implementing Iranian agenda with perfection, did not come as a surprise.

All he was doing was presenting his credentials to the Nasrallah-Basil-Franjieh alliance, and paying one of the loyalty bills to this team, in the hope that they would find a place for him in the post-Lebanese elections, the battle of which began last week.

However, what this opportunist must know is that Saudi Arabia, along with the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, is not the party that can be pointed at to improve anyone’s position. He who does not see through the sieve is blind, so how about when the vision is crystal clear in terms of the continuous Iranian aggression towards Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries, not only through Yemen, but also through the terrorist operations it carried out, as well as the Lebanese Hezbollah, and the Iraqi sectarian gangs affiliated with Iran in the region?

Saudi Arabia and the Arab coalition were not the ones who initiated the war. Actually, the Iranian-backed Houthi had launched the aggression against Saudi Arabia since 2009, and the latter acted with the highest degree of restraint for years, and did not take any action except when the Yemenis called for help.

That was when the Operation “Decisive Storm” was launched, backed by full Yemeni support to overcome the difficulties they face as a result of Iran’s control of the sea lanes, and the prevention of food and aid for them because of hijacking operations orchestrated by the Houthi gang, which continues until this day.

When this man talks about aggression against the Yemenis, he is doctoring the facts. Historically, Saudi Arabia is a peaceful country that has not attacked anyone. Rather, it confronts aggression against it with sophisticated and conscious diplomacy, and its positions are resolved by flawless international legal methods.

Therefore, the world supports it when it defends itself in the face of Iranian aggression. It supports its movements. If those who are trying to transgress do not see this international position, it is because they are blind in terms of insight.

Kordahi here does not represent himself, but rather he represents the approach of the current Lebanese regime, which relinquished its sovereignty after relinquishing its foreign policy to the Iranian agent Hassan Nasrallah, and abandoned its role in defending Lebanon by not restricting arms to the legitimate authority; in fact, he prefers ministates over the state.

All of this is a natural result of the failure of a Lebanese sovereign front to combat the ministates. The continuation of this will lead to the demise of Lebanon, which cannot live on the corrupt Iranian air and disavow its Arab identity.

Undoubtedly, this incident was an occasion to re-demonstrate the unified Gulf position. Based on the principle of silver lining, the GCC countries recalled their ambassadors and consuls in Lebanon to protest against this biased position in favor of the systematic terrorism practiced by Iran through its gangs in all countries of the region.

Therefore, it is time for Lebanon to show its solidarity with its brothers through its solidarity with Saudi Arabia. How we wished that the Lebanon we know would be with its Arab cousins against the Persian stranger who starved his people and threw them into international and Arab isolation.

Ahmed Al-Jarallah is the Editor-in-Chief of the Arab Times

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