Parents should guide children on fasting during Ramadan, says HMC Doctor

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Published July 31st, 2011 - 10:06 GMT
Khalid Al Ansari, Director of Peadiatric Emergency Centers
Khalid Al Ansari, Director of Peadiatric Emergency Centers

During the Holy Month of Ramadan, medical experts have called on parents to guide their children on fasting. According to a leading Peadiatrics consultant at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), a healthy 10 year old child should be able to complete whole day of fasting.

“A child can fast and it depends on the child’s level of understanding and willingness of the parents to follow and ensure a healthy fasting for their children,” said Dr. Khalid Al Ansari, Director of Peadiatric Emergency Centers.

Dr. Khalid further recommended that it is better to train children on fasting gradually. Parents should have the child fast for around 4 hours a day for few days and increase gradually until the child is able to complete fasting as required.

“The trick is to initiative the habit gradually and encourage the children and recognize their achievement and provide a positive feedback about their fasting accomplishment,” Dr. Khalid added.

According to medical guidance provided by Dr. Khalid the parents should also ensure that in between fasting, children have enough balance diet in addition to them taking adequate fluids.

Parents have also been warned that the family should make sure that a child who is fasting does not play in the current outside temperature in order not to be dehydrated and their activities should be indoor in a regulated temperature.

Dr. Khalid also advised the parents that if their child complains of any chronic condition, they should seek guidance from their health provider if fasting is suitable for their child.

 “It is also very important to note that if a child suffers from any medical condition then he or she is not recommended to undergo fasting. Parents have to make sure that their children are in very healthy physical and psychological condition, before they are able to undergo fasting during the Holy Month of Ramadan,” Dr. Khalid Al Ansari, Director of Peadiatrics Emergency Centers said. 

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