The good wife of Pharaoh? An inside glimpse into the woman behind Sisi

Published June 5th, 2014 - 02:06 GMT

General Al Sisi may have won Egypt's presidential elections with 96% of the vote (unofficial statistics) this week, but his victory means a win for his entire family as well. Packing their bags ready for the big move to the presidential palace are Sisi's wife and kids, who will now become as talked about by the world as their father's arguably dubious policies.

Meanwhile, the First Lady will be placed in a category of her very own, as she becomes the new center of attention in the eyes of housewives and fashionistas everywhere. Although her position as Sisi’s wife automatically renders her Egypt’s most powerful woman, it is not clear if she’ll be flexing any muscle. She seems to be perfectly content with the Mrs. Sisi title.

The claim is that she was offered multiple high-end positions, but no CV-plumming job titles were enough to tempt her away from her “good wife” responsibilities.

Let’s take a look at who the woman behind the “successful man” really is. Meet Intisar Amer. Tune into her ride through the kerfuffle of becoming Egypt’s new First Lady…

Morsi’s wife vs. Sisi’s wife

Although both ladies sport the hijab, a glance at their respective photos reveals that they are in fact from opposing ideological religious spheres. ِEven though she is rumored to wear the niqab, one must not to forget that the niqab is the anti-thesis of Sisi’s ideological stance. Her attire, unlike Morsi’s wife, distances her from the MB camp, and presents her as the moderate, while devoted Muslim. Her niqab photo was dubbed a dissembling stunt -- much like Michael Jackson’s veiling of his children.

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