2014 Golden Foot award goes to Hakan Şükür

2014 Golden Foot award goes to Hakan Şükür
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Published October 13th, 2014 - 06:50 GMT via SyndiGate.info

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2014 Golden Foot award goes to Hakan Şükür
2014 Golden Foot award goes to Hakan Şükür

Hakan Şükür, a member of Parliament and former international football player, received 2014's Golden Foot Legends award at Monaco's Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort on Oct. 11, where he left his footprints on the "Champions Promenade" the same way movie stars imprint their handprints in Hollywood.

Following the awards ceremony, a gala dinner will be held on Monday in honor of Şükür. Several players who received this award in the past will be in attendance.

According to a press release issued by the Golden Foot Award Monaco committee last week, this year's award was bestowed on 43-year-old Şükür due to his outstanding career. The Golden Foot Legends award is given by the Principality of Monaco every year, and the award is presented by Prince Albert II of Monaco.

Speaking to the Bugün TV network on a live broadcast on Saturday night, Şükür said he was honored to accept this outstanding award. “When I received the invitation I was very excited because this is one of the most important awards in the world. I was not only excited for myself, but also for my nation. This is a great honor for me and Turkey. The fact that my footprint will remain here forever is unspeakably amazing,” Şükür said.

In previous years, the award was awarded to former Juventus attacking midfielder from the Czech Republic Pavel Nedved, AC Milan's ex-Ukrainian striker Andriy Shevchenko and Brazil's legendary forward Ronaldo.

Şükür also said the city of Monaco was special to him as he spent a lot of time there when he was playing for Inter Milan.

“My little daughter took her first steps in this city. Thus, I will leave my footsteps where she left her footsteps many years ago. Moreover, this city is special for me because after we won UEFA Cup in 1999, Galatasaray won the Super Cup after beating Real Madrid in 2000,” Şükür noted.

The former Galatasaray legend played for Torino, Inter Milan and Parma in Italy and Blackburn in England. In the 1999-2000 football season, Şükür became the top scorer for his team Galatasaray, which won the Turkish first division title, the Turkish Cup and as well as the UEFA Cup, the first European title in Turkish football history.

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