Rummenigge suggests April and May for 2022 Qatar World Cup

Rummenigge suggests April and May for 2022 Qatar World Cup
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Published October 29th, 2014 - 16:27 GMT via

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Bayern Munich chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge is calling on FIFA to take the "least painful" option of bringing the Qatar World Cup in 2022 forward to April and May.

Britain's Times newspaper Wednesday quotes Rummenigge, the chairman of the European Club Association (ECA), as urging the tournament be run from late April to the end of May, rather than be moved from summer to winter.

Rummenigge said the tournament could not be played in summer temperatures of up to 50 degrees but a solution needed to be found which was acceptable to the clubs and national leagues.

Football's world governing body FIFA is considering moving the tournament to the winter months when temperatures are lower. FIFA has proposed January/February and November/December as possible dates. But Rummenigge said the ECA's own research showed the "best option" would be staging the tournament at the end of April and May.

Temperatures would still be high but the European club season could finish in early April that year, causing less disruption than a winter World Cup.

The ECA will submit the proposal at a FIFA task force meeting in Zurich on Monday.

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