Algeria reportedly cancels match against Ghana because of Israeli coach

Algeria reportedly cancels match against Ghana because of Israeli coach
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Published July 5th, 2016 - 12:55 GMT via

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Avraham Grant
Avraham Grant

The friendly match, scheduled to take place in Ghana in September, was canceled because Algeria refused to host Avraham Grant.

The warm relations between Algeria and the Palestinian people which are based on a shared narrative of struggle against Western colonialism are now reportedly pushing the Algerians to carry out anti-Israel moves.

According to the Algerian media, a friendly soccer match that was scheduled to take place in Algeria in September between the local national team and Ghana was canceled in order to prevent the arrival of Ghana's Israeli coach, Avraham Grant, to the Arab country.

Ayman Gada, an Algerian journalist, wrote on his Facebook page on Monday: "The Algerian national team canceled the friendly match with Ghana because it refused to host Ghana's Israeli coach, Avraham Grant."

In light of the frequent pageants of solidarity with Palestinians that have been taking place in Algeria recently, the Algerian soccer association feared that Grant's arrival to Ghana might infuriate the Algerian population.

Sixty one-year old Grant is a well-known Israeli soccer coach who has been training Ghana's national team for the last two years. In 2007, he became one of the most famous coaches in the world after he was appointed as the manager of the British soccer team Chelsea.

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