Attiyah Fine-Tunes for 2018 Dakar Rally in New Toyota Car

Published December 31st, 2017 - 05:11 GMT
Nasser bin Saleh al Attiyah
Nasser bin Saleh al Attiyah

Nasser bin Saleh al Attiyah is one of the most prominent rally drivers in the world. The Qatari veteran and two-time Dakar Rally winner, who has claimed multiple global and regional titles, faces the ultimate challenge as he prepares for another attempt at the most difficult off-road courses to date.

It has been a successful year for Attiyah, winning both the FIA Cross-Country World Cup and the Middle East Rally Championship. Representing team Toyota Gazoo Racing, Attiyah aims to win his third Dakar title while bringing Team Toyota their first Dakar victory.

The 40th edition of Dakar will encompass a 14-day campaign and takes place throughout the wilderness of South America, in a course designed to push drivers to their absolute limits.

"I think the Dakar 2018 will be very, very special for everybody. It will be hard, not easy. You need to have a good strategy," claimed Attiyah.

The 47-year-old has been making extensive preparations as he approaches an extraordinary Dakar season.

The new vehicle means greater performance and durability throughout the race but will require Attiyah to adapt to the new setup and handling brought fourth. He plans to take on this season with absolute efficiency, minimizing any chances for errors.

"Toyota is building a new car, completely different from the old car. New chassis and a new position inside the car, you cannot compare it to the old car. We need to work a lot and drive to learn the new Toyota," he added.

More on his preparations for the Dakar Rally,"Nasser's Road to Dakar 2018" is a special series that follows Attiyah as he gets ready, his car and his team for the toughest and most ambitious off-road race. The Road to Dakar is available on the official Red Bull website, and on Red Bull TV. The series was launched on Saturday with the first episode, January 4 will have the 2nd episode, and a full recap episode on the rally will be released in January 2018 after the race.

Attiyah has proven to be a leading candidate, eligible to win one of 2018's most anticipated motorsports events. The Dakar Rally will begin on January 6.

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