Brazil to review Olympics security plan after Nice attack

Brazil to review Olympics security plan after Nice attack
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Published July 16th, 2016 - 17:57 GMT via

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Olympic and Paralympic Village
Olympic and Paralympic Village

Brazil will consider increased security measures for next month's Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro after a terror attack in France, officials told Brazilian media Friday, dpa reported.

The truck attack that killed more than 80 people in Nice on the French Riviera is a "cause for concern" and additional security measures must be taken for Rio 2016, interim defence minister Raul Jungmann told Globo News.

Jungmann mentioned an increase in security checkpoints as one possible measure, according to the report.

General Sergio Westphalen Etchegoyen, interim chief of the Institutional Security Cabinet, also spoke of a "review" of plans.

People will have to exchange "a little comfort for a lot of security," he said.

Rio de Janeiro will host South America's first Olympic Games August 5-21. The Brazilian metropolis is expecting as many as 700,000 visitors for the mega-event, as well as 12,000 athletes and dozens of heads of state.

Some 85,000 security personnel and experts from 55 countries are tasked with securing the Games, double the number present at the 2012 London Olympics.
Although South America has not yet been a victim of attacks tied to extremists, the ABIN Brazilian intelligence agency has indicated that the probability that the country could be targeted by terrorists had increased in recent months.
A government source said Brazilian intelligence is concerned about possible "lone wolf" attacks, as attackers working independently are known.
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