Dead Sea Ultra Marathon: Jordanian runners win top spots

Dead Sea Ultra Marathon: Jordanian runners win top spots
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Published April 16th, 2017 - 04:25 GMT via

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Photo: Facebook official page
Photo: Facebook official page
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The 23rd LG Dead Sea Ultra Marathon concluded on Friday with Jordanian runners winning top spots in the event.

The marathon held under the theme “Run to the lowest point on Earth” and witnessed three runs: the 50km Ultra Marathon, 21km Half Marathon and the 10k Fun Run.

Yousef Shawarbeh, president of the Greater Amman Municipality committee deputised for HRH Prince Firas, chairman of the Board of Run Jordan, to give prizes.

Lina Kurd, general manager of Run Jordan told The Jordan Times that the effort of everyone made this event a success.

“We owe everything to the effort of all the volunteers and runners who made it possible to spread awareness about the benefits of sports and at the same promote the Kingdom as hub for marathons,” she said.

“Promoting tourism is also on the agenda of each event by Run Jordan and we are happy that each year we have many runners from around the world taking part in our events,” she added.



50km Ultra Marathon (men)

Ahmed Muhsen 3:05:31

Yousef Hassan 3:09:29

Mithqal Abbadi 3:10:03

50km Ultra Marathon (women)

Hanoya Hasballah 3:50:31

Tia Jones 4:03:30

Martha Marten 4:23:55

21km Half Marathon (men)

Ahmed Samour 1:06:32

Ayman Suradi 1:09:04

Ibrahim Salah 1:09:13

21km Half Marathon (women)

Georgia Qotal 1:23:00

Sabrieh Maradat 1:32:10

Naheda Bawat 1:39:40

21km Half Marathon Wheelchair (men)

Ali Sawalmeh 1:09:12

Kamal Tawalbeh 1:31:52

Raed Hwaiti 1:43:03

21km Half Marathon Visually impaired (men)

Abed Raouf Qatab 1:20:16

Suhan Nashash 1:44:33

Imad ELayyan 2:00:26

10k Fun Run (men)

Hamzeh Ashoush 31:49

Daif Allah Awad 31:58

Mohammed Attiyeh 32:04

10k Fun Run (women)

Tamara Armoush 36:38

Hanan Ashoush 42:28

Hanan Maradat 44:26

10k Fun Run Wheelchair (men)

Bilal Abu Mansi 41:12

Ala’ Qaza’ 1:05:58

Ahmed Mahasneh 1:16:12

10k Fun Run Visually Impaired (men)

Nabil Maqableh 35:42

Saddam Shomali 51:51

Hassan Tayem 52:09

10k Fun Run Visually Impaired (women)

Jumana Zoubi 1:24:30

Esra’ Abu Haija 1:28:46

Nouwara Hammad 2:00:37


By Roufan Nahhas

© Copyright The Jordan Times. All rights reserved.

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