Video: Didier Drogba discusses the Fight Against Racism

Published August 11th, 2013 - 02:11 GMT

One of the most feared strikers in the world, Galatasaray's Didier Drogba, headlined the inaugural SWOL Fight Against Racism this summer on Miami Beach. The former Chelsea man fell victim to racism in football  this year in Turkey, and he was sure to show his support in the Fight Against Racism.

Check out the video below to hear Drogba discuss the terrible stain on the world's beautiful game plus why he thinks Miami was the perfect place for this summer's event.

Eric Beard: Didier first of all thanks for coming out, its great to have you involved in the Fight Against Racism - what does it mean to you to be a part of this.

Didier Drogba: I think its very important to be involved in this because so many things like this are happening in the last few years. Its important for people to know that we are all united we are all together. You know we are in Miami which is the best place I think in terms of all the different communities you know to come and organize this game is very important. It is a great action

Eric Beard: I guess just having this in Miami, there are so many footballers here on vacation - what do you like about this spot?

Didier Drogba: First of all the weather, also the quality of life. for example there was the Miami Heat game so we come here to have a different experience from what we we've seen already in Europe - so that's why we're here.

Eric Beard: Do you think there could be more of these events in the future - kind of similar to the Match Against Poverty?

Didier Drogba: Yea I think it is very important to carry on because you have to put this into people's head. Football - there is no borders. You can be white, black, yellow. There are no borders. Football is a popular sport so you know, relax, enjoy it.

Eric Beard: What do you think was the meaning behind Prince Boateng's actions when he decided to walk off the pitch - what did that mean for football? 

Didier Drogba: I think it is a strong statement. I was behind him, I was supporting him. Because you know when its too much, you have to let people know and you can't just stand there and know what is happening and not react. So I think what he did made people understand that you need to react and you need to do something and that's why we're doing this game here today.

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